Rameshbhai Patel

Founder - CMD


Mr. Ramesh Patel, Chairman is a complete one man team for our entire umpire. He aims to globalize his business and spread awareness for improvement in our culture. He believes that being a disabled does not make any difference. He wants spread a message that any person can earn and spend by his inner strength.

He himself was a complete disabled child but today due his inner strength and willpower he proved himself that not a single thing is impossible in the world. He wants to spread his business and social activities at national and international arena.

He provides funds to those institutions and Disable Associations which really want to help and support people to improve in their living standards. Mr. Ramesh Patel saw ups and downs in their life and today he is so motivated that no one can beat him in creating ideas.

He will soon expose the real expansion in commercials as well as social activities by his ideas and inspirations.


Mr. Ramesh Patel has set a goal in his life to be a good business person who does not look after only profit generation but even to generate maximum employment opportunities and improve the living standards of people.

As we know, our country is developing and it does not provide the efficient living standard to people who really put efforts to work. Mr. Ramesh Patel has planned a system which is already under implementation and it generates maximum employment opportunities which are unbelievable and it will give a improved living standards to maximum people.

Even we will provide employment opportunities, food kits and residents to the disable persons who really face the genuine challenges in their day-to-day life. In order to support them and to make them independent, we are willing to provide the end number of ways to earn their livelihood.

Mr. Ramesh Patel has very rich experience in real estate business, property construction, project development, art and craft and much more. Nowadays, he is planning to spread his business in the field of Aviation, Club & Resorts and FMCG Sector as well.