Matchmaking Dating Android Application

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  • User can register with valid E-mail address and Password
  • User can also need to provide their name, phone number, etc.


  • User login with either valid email and password
  • User can re-set the password using registered mail-Id by clicking the “Forgot Password” in the bottom of the page.
  • New user can register by clicking “Register Now”
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  • In the home page, there are three types of search the profiles.
  • Search by city or option or both
  • search by best matches
  • view all profiles
  • In the home page there is an navigation menu which contains the follows:
    • Home
    • My Profile
    • My Requests
    • User Requests
    • My Likes
    • My Favorites
    • Logout

Search Results :

  • In this page, user can see the list of profiles based on their search.
  • It will show the name, age, relationship status, etc.
  • By clicking “any of the profile”, user can view full details of that selected profile.


  • In this page, shows full details of the results.
  • It contains name, image, about him/her, personal information like relationship status, height, weight etc.
  • User can view the contact details only after he/she accepting the request made by the user.
  • User can make it as their favorite profile and also give likes to that profile.
  • By clicking “ping me” button to send the request to that profile. need to enter necessary details to send the request.

My Requests:

  • In this page, user can view the list profiles which are all request sent by the user.
  • If the status is accepted, then he/she can be able to see the contact details of the profile.

User Requests:

  • In this page, user can see the list of profiles which are all request sent to the user.
  • Here, user can accept or reject the request by clicking appropriate buttons.
  • User can view the profile before accepting the request.

My Likes & My Favorites:

  • In these pages, user can view the list profiles which are all make as favorites and liked by the user.
  • By clicking the profile, user can see full details of the profile.

My profile:

  • User can view their profile by clicking “My Profile” in navigation screen.
  • User can edit their profile by clicking “Edit icon” at the top right corner in action bar.
  • User can change their password by clicking the “settings” at the top right corner in action bar.
  • By clicking the image, user can change their profile photo.

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