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The majority of businesses today, existing globally follow either Business to Business or Business to Consumer model. The Business to Business (B2B) model is spread across the industries. It has wide range of categories and utilizations providing a high growth potential for all entrepreneurs who are involved in it. This idea will assist the entrepreneurs. In this category, we have developed a classifieds B2B trading marketplace script for Advanced Business 2 Business Marketplace.

Advanced B2B Trading Marketplace script has designed to help clients to start a B2B Trading Marketplace of their own. It has a powerful admin who meets all your essential requirements for smooth conduct of your business, in addition to an efficient site control. Since, obtaining leads is the best way through which organizations can improve their functionality. It serves as an important platform for expansion of any business.

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This script is designed with a B2B concept, which is also compatible for B2C market. Customization of this script is possible as per your choice of market, whether you are using B2B market or B2C market. Further, customization of this is also possible for a specific industry.

With 14 years of experience in this industry, we have designed this script to be SEO friendly, which enables higher visibility of your site in search engines.

Our Advanced B2B Trading Marketplace Script has the potential to increase your business largely. The better compilation of data with easy to access and the best User–Interface platform is the need of the hour for any entrepreneur aspiring for success. With this script, we have taken measures to implement the same with utmost satisfaction of our clients. Some essential features of this script are:

The SEO friendly measures inculcated in the script along with optimized page design facilitates higher page rankings.

The Mobile Responsive Design not only provides a greater display of your website, but also facilitates undiluted display of contents across all devices, improving your chances for a better customer centric response.

This script has the potential to influence the manufacturers and traders to customize their business credentials and connect with small and medium-sized suppliers for improving their business revenue. This will alternatively provide a positive response to your site increasing revenue resources.

The sites user-friendly design permits its users and admin to operate the script with just the operating knowledge of a computer. Even the customization of the script is possible at your end using a PHP developer with minimal technical knowledge.

With its unlimited user support and different revenue models integrated, this could be a path forward to your better future.

This script is developed using a highly secure code that provides a hacker free and spam free environment to your application.

With 120 – 130 different functionalities, this is among the most cost efficient scripts you could find amongst the market places. These functionalities designed considering the future trends for at least 4 years, filling your needs for the upcoming years. You can see the detailed functionalities in the documentation provided alongside of the demo.

Of course, if you have larger interests in the script and wish to expand its scope according to your business ideas and concepts, we can always help you by providing Specialized Customization Packages, which will assist you in complete implementation of your ideas by our specialists.

We, a 14 year-old company with more than 3000 clients, have strongly developed this script with a responsive design integrating SEO friendly measures utilizing Open Source Technology besides being User-Friendly, it integrates essential features necessitated by Manufacturers, Whole Sellers, and Individual Traders/ Retailers at a Business2Business Directory Market.

Advanced features:

User side:

  1. List by all category.
  2. Browse product by category.
  3. Search  option:
    1. Category.
    2. Country.
    3. Keyword.
  4. Profile management:
    1. My account.
      1. View my profile.
      2. Change password.
      3. Edit profile.
      4. Change image.
    2. Manage company profile.
    3. Manage membership plan.
    4. Add and manage product.
    5. Add and manage selling lead.
    6. Add and manage buying lead.
    7. Add and manage news.
    8. Add and manage trade show.
    9. Mailbox.
    10. Payment history.
  5. Product management:
    1. View product detail.
    2. View product gallery.
    3. View contact information.
    4. Company overview.
    5. Contact us.
    6. Social sharing.
    7. Product information.
    8. Certification achieved.
    9. Send an enquiry.
  6. Buying leads.
    1. View product detail.
    2. View product gallery.
    3. Company information.
    4. Product information.
    5. Send an enquiry.
    6. Buy now option.
    7. Featured product.
    8. Related products.
  7. Selling leads.
    1. View product detail.
    2. View product gallery.
    3. Company information.
    4. Product information.
    5. Send an enquiry.
    6. Buy now option.
    7. Featured product.
    8. Related products.
  8. Trade show.
    1. View the trade show.
    2. Contact detail.
  9. Success story management.
  10. Newsletter.

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