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The Ecommerce and Auction industry is rapidly growing day to day. The Social Ecommerce Auction Script is one of the peak businesses on the internet in the current marketplace world. After the rise of online business concept, peoples are preferred to buy and sell products through online ecommerce websites. This new concept of Online Auction Ecommerce Script provides the place where bidders and auctioneers can buy and sell the product easily. The product can be acquired by either the bid option or buy now option.
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The visitor can join our website and become the member.Every member has their login and unique account area where they modify their payment details, bidding history and more on.In our Bidding PHP Ecommerce Script the seller post the product on the website and the buyers can bid for the product and they can buy easily. In this process, the auctioneer sets a low starting price for the products and group of buyers to bid incrementally higher prices which would emerge as actual price until subsequent bidder claims the next bid price. The bidder with the high price will win the bid and the product will be available to him.

There are mainly three different logins in this bidding script; they are user login, seller login, and admin login. Without any programming skills,the admin can handle and manage the complete dynamic website.

The features of our Auction Ecommerce Script are the advanced search option, product management, category management, product management, Newsletter, Cart, CMS page, Social media integration, Advanced payment gateway, Manage online bids,add multiple categories and more on.

The main two advantages of our Online Auction Ecommerce Script are Mobile responsive and SEO friendly. Customization of the script is possible according to the client’s requirements and business goals. The code of the script has been optimized according to the Google standards which make your site come on top of the search results; thereby visitors of the website will be increased. So it is 100% safe from hackers and malware. The revenue model of the Bidding PHP Ecommerce Script are Premium and featured member ads, Google Ad sense integration ads such as text ads, image ads, video ads and banner ads.

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